GroupBox title in windows

I have an application which must run on Mac and Windows. The report has several group boxes into group boxes. The inner group boxes contains independent radio button groups.

On a Mac it looks all good. On Windows the caption of the inner GroupBox has bold letters and the text isn’t complete shown.

If I use the following code snippet the caption of the inner GroupBox is okay but the control is visible into the wrong TabPanel:

		#if TargetWindows then
				me.Parent  = nil

Replace the caption by a label ?

The application is complex and the window has many, many controls. So I try to omit this.
But may be this is the only way to go.

My last idea was to remove the inner group and organize the radio buttons in a set - I don’t know whether two sets of radio buttons into the same group can be treated separate.


Two separate sets of radio button groups into the same group can’t be treated separately. So i will use a label above the GroupBox

Thanks for your reply, Michel!

You are welcome, Michael.

You could create a subclass with a ContainerControl that contains a groupbox and a label, then make it the super of all GroupBoxes.

Make sure to make it exactly the size of the groupbox, lock the GB on all sides., lock the label left and top.