Groupbox right border invisible

Windows 10 64-bit

I have a 4K monitor, and when I place groupboxes on a window, dependent of their width, the right border vanish as seen in the screenshot. Any clue why that is or what I can do about it?

Left groupbox has no right borderline anymore (dependent of width)

this may be a windows specific issue, as I cannot duplicate it under macOS

I don’t see it on Windows 10 either.

Which Xojo version? What scaling did you use on Windows 10?

Are you sure the left groupbox isn’t going under the right one?

on macOS then left box show thru the right box if they overlap

I saw the same thing recently on Windows 10 64-bit on my 4K monitor (scaled to 200%). Using 2019r1 & 2019r1.1.

When the app Window was resized, sometimes the right border would come back, depending on the sized box.

I ended up removing the GroupBox, but not for this reason, so I kind of forgot to report it.

[quote=441188:@Andre Kuiper]I don’t see it on Windows 10 either.

Which Xojo version? What scaling did you use on Windows 10?[/quote]

150% scaling (else its impossible to read anything)

I will bet it is a rounding error… make the groupbox 1 pixel wider and see what happens

[quote=441194:@Guenter Kraemer]2019r1/2019r1.1
150% scaling (else its impossible to read anything)[/quote]

I agree with Dave and i have seen it now too. I set the scaling to 150% and on my 4k monitor it happens the same. I am pretty sure Dave is right, because when i set the left side of the groupboxes on an uneven number and lock the rightside of the left box and the right box unlock the leftside then resizing the window the right side of the left groupbox flickers on an off with every move.

Align the groupboxes on an even number and the result on my pc is not perfect but better.

Make sure everything is divisible by 4 to ensure you dont end up with scaling issues as 4 lands on a pixel boundary for most (probably all) common scaling resolutions.

In the end, its a bug in xojo. No other IDE I use have this issue, independent how wide or at what position the groupbox is.
Why would I need to set an uneven or even position in order for a control to be visible as it should? I believe its a scaling issue. When I set scaling to 125%, the groupbox is OK.

Maybe its an Xojo error, maybe its not… but the fact that no other IDE has the issue doesn’t prove anything… unless those other IDES are in fact Retina/HDPI compatible… which I know that there are many that are not

best way to tell … set scale to 100%… create a similar layout in both IDE … take a screen shot of each. then look at them zoomed in a paint program… you should see various lines in the Xojo screen shot as 1 pixel wide… are the similar lines in the other screen shot also 1px wide (many will be 2 indicating they are not HDPI)

but at 125% the rounding error will still be there but much less noticeable

Windows lets you chose custom scaling so you can pick “137%” if you want :stuck_out_tongue:
I have no idea what the expected behaviour for an app would be with like this

I can duplicate this when the spacing between the two GroupBoxes are “just wrong”. Moving the right hand GB in your example over a pixel or two has usually resolved that for me at all scaling.

Nothing to do with that. I can just create a new xojo project and only drop 1 groupbox on the window. As long the width is even, its ok, but whatever uneven width I chose (101, 201…) the right border vanish. Thats definitely not right.

And here is the same made uisign another ide/language and its as it is supposed to be.

[quote=441194:@Guenter Kraemer]2019r1/2019r1.1
150% scaling (else its impossible to read anything)[/quote]

i suspect the scaling is causing the problem…

You should report the bug through the feedback application, with all that evidence attached. You can download the latest version of Feedback from (log in required).

Until this is fixed, which may take some time, seems to me a workaround should be possible by making sure width is always even.

If GroupBox1.width mod 2 <> 0 then GroupBox1.width = GroupBox1.width -1

This in the resized event of the window should do it.

I already reported it. Its not a big deal, just annoying.