Group2d, Object2d Scale

good afternoon everybody.
Today they are just back from the hospital where i seeing the stars, all the planets and other galaxies.
I wanted to ask you for Mac OS develope, if there are problems with scale properties on object2d (group2d) because I really can not make it work.

I try on paint event put this code

Dim a As New ArcShape
a.Scale = 1.5
a.Rotation = .90
a.ArcAngle = 1.57
a.StartAngle = -1.57
a.Border = 100
a.BorderColor = &c0000ff
a.BorderWidth = 2.75
a.Fill = 50
a.FillColor = RGB(255, 0, 127)
g.DrawObject(a, 100, 100)

Dim b As New ArcShape
b.Scale = 2
b.Rotation = .90
b.ArcAngle = 1.57
b.StartAngle = -1.57
b.Border = 100
b.BorderColor = &c0000ff
b.BorderWidth = 2.75
b.Fill = 50
b.FillColor = RGB(255, 0, 127)
g.DrawObject(a, 200, 200)

but arc is equal

you’re drawing object “a” 2x. you never draw object “b”?
replace the last line with:

g.DrawObject(b, 200, 200)

Excuse me Jürg but with a simple shape object is scaled
I use many shape type in a group
and not scaled

Now, I try to put scale factor directly in a single entity, NOW scale but all is scaled, example border is scaled… .

Yes, that’s exactly what I would expect. The whole object is being scaled.
Similar to using a Graphics Editor and blowing up the size - that also doesn’t “make the shape bigger, but ignore the borders”.