I try using group_concat in my Xojo code and it does not work. I try it SQLiteManager and it work fine. Any idea why??

group_concat ?
Never heard of it

EDIT : Had to google that one to see what it was
Never used it

It works for me. Show some code?

It works for me to.

strange… will put some code later

Norman, i discover this about 2 week ago and try out on sqlitemanager and try to use it yesterday on the code.

basically i want to show the the result of the SQL in a listbox. When i remove the new column with group_concat and the listbox show the result and when i include the group_concat, the result does not show up at all.

We use it and it works, so it’s likely to be a problem with your database code. Try putting a breakpoint in when you’re doing the SELECT statement, and seeing if any errors are returned.

ok… will try later…

just try group_concat today and it work great

what kind of things do you use group_concat for??