Group Box

Can you change the color of a Group Box Title and can you make it Bold as well.


I’m not sure about color though.

If color is important, give the group box no title and substitute a canvas in which you draw your text in any color you like

Mac and Windows draw Group Boxes differently, so be careful what you do with that method.

I found out I have to enter “me.Bold=True” but am unsure where or how to use it.


That is one way… and if you opt for that… .you put it in the GroupBox OPEN event.
However the preferred method (at least by me) is to set the property in the Inspector at design time

Click then GEAR at the top of the inspector, and check the BOLD checkbox… simple as that.

Thanks Dave, so simple when you know what you are doing.

That I did not know!

Is there a way to change the Text Color.


[quote=105309:@Shane Rampling]Is there a way to change the Text Color.

No, there’s no built-in way to do this.

@Roger Clary’s post above is your best bet, or use a Label in a similar fashion.