Grid ??

Is there a way to create (I suppose you would call it a grid) with a label or something similar.

example I would like a the numbers 1 to 18 in a straight line as headings for textfields , without having to use individual labels.

Make your 18 labels a control set. Makes life a bit easier. But I can’t think of any other way.

Thanks Roger, not sure how to do that though.

Perhaps using a listbox would be a better solution?

Hi Wayne, not sure how a listbox would help.

Drag a new Label to your window. Name it.
Size it like you want it to look.
Click the “gear” icon above the inspector
In the Control set drop down select New Control Set
Now use Cmd.-D to make copies of the original label
Each copy is a member of that control set with a one higher index number.
This is helpful because you now can address all labels with one block of code.
For instance, to have your labels display the number 1-18 do in the Open event of the control set

for I As integer = 0 to 17 me.text = str(index+1) Next

I agree with Wayne. A single row in a listbox with headers, sized to display only that much, gives you a label above a row of editfields. That seems to match what you described.

Tim, how do I get rid of the zero at the front, I am after 1 to 18, it is giving me 0 to 17.

Thanks Shane.

In initialvalue of the listbox enter the desired values delimited by a tab

1 2 3 4…