Grey HUD Window

I am trying to create a Window that (more or less) looks like the Finder’s Quick Look Window (but no need for the Maximize/Zoom button or controls in the title).

For standard HUD windows, I’m currently using Floating Windows with:

[code]#If TargetCocoa
Const NSHUDWindowMask = 8192
Const NSTitledWindowMask = 1
Const NSClosableWindowMask = 2
Const NSUtilityWindowMask = 16

Declare Sub setStyleMask Lib "Cocoa.framework" selector "setStyleMask:"(obj_id As Integer, mask As Integer)
setStyleMask(Self.Handle, NSHUDWindowMask Or NSTitledWindowMask Or NSClosableWindowMask Or NSUtilityWindowMask)


So what I want is pretty much the same except that I would like to show it as Grey instead of Black.
Does anyone know how to do this?

use NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask in addition maybe?

That’s not really working: Window styleMask 0x2113 is not supported for a Heads Up Display window
Maybe the standard ‘Quick Look’ Window is something else. I’d hoped there was an easy way to use something that looks similar.

Jim McKay posted a project that makes color windows at

He posted a picture of Red, but you can probably do your grey with that.