Great Xojo Raleigh User Group!

A special thanks to Pat McCabe for organizing and running the Raleigh, NC Xojo Users Group that was held June 2, 2014.

We have a great turn out with 6 participants spread across central North Carolina in which 3 were new participants to the group. We informally spoke of many Xojo and non Xojo technology topics which made this meeting fun and interactive. Some of the Xojo topics that were covered (Pat help me if I miss anything were:

  • Why Xojo vs. Visual Studio
  • Xojo IPC / TCP Conversation
  • Web development using Xojo
  • HTML5/Java script with Xojo development
  • IOS App Store & Mac App Store
  • Source Control (Github, Dropbox, various other services)

It was very exciting to see one of the new member’s corporate Xojo story. His name is Paul and Paul works for Doxie, which manufacturers personal scanners. Doxie soley writes their software in Xojo, which was great since they have been using Xojo since the Cross Basic days. Doxie has virtual employees across the world with their HQoffices located in Cary, NC.

Thanks to all as it was a fun time and see you next Meeting!

Very cool how you got Phil Jackson to join you via video link!

We have a Doxie scanner at Xojo - works very well!

Looks like a great meet up! We bought @Jason Parsley a Doxie scanner a few years back and had no idea they were using Xojo!

Brad it was VERY tough to get Phil to join via Telepresence, but we achieved the impossible thanks to your “connections”. Thank you my friend! :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

I am located in New Bern. Not exactly around the corner but I would be interested in knowing when these meeting might occur. If all the planets align I may be able to join you.

How can I ‘get on the list’?


Hi Jon,

You can join up here:!forum/rtpnc-xojo-usergroup