Great graphics programming

Take a look at Fractal Labs, currently running in beta. Fractal Labs allows you to explore 3D fractals in real time. Makes use of WebGL.


That’s cool. It’s been a while since I updated my personal website with some nice fractals.


Made with Xojo?

It’s written with javascript and open sourced under a GPL license (though I can’t find the source, just the compacted js file on that page). I believe GLSL shaders are doing the heavy lifting and that it could be ported to Xojo.

I’ve added a request a while back for an OpenGL / WebGL control in Xojo WE…


Doubt that it is a trivial feature to implement, but it would be great to write 3D web apps in Xojo eventually.

How long did this take you to make? I would guess it would take many years? Very impressed btw.

Btw, what does semi pro developer mean?

Heck no, I didn’t make it. It’s a very labour intense project of Tom Beddard. In this footage he explains this project. Mindblowing!

The only fractal programs I wrote are 2D with really simple math.

Who doesn’t love lissajous and mandelbrot.
Made me think of the fractal colour shifts on the Amiga500. :slight_smile: