Gravity And Forces

Hello, I’ve been wondering for a while now about implementing gravity, friction, wind, etc., in my program. The program consists of a ball that is being thrown and must fall down to either hit an object or hit the bottom side of the window (window.height).
Thank you for your help.

I think that was my first C++ program.
I’ll look for it… It was call gravity.cpp
I think I got it from from Dr. Dobbs Magazine (that was were i found the original soure)

Check out the results of this search.
Dr. Dobbs

there are thousands of resources on the web that describe the mathematics behind the physics involved.

Force, Velocity, Time and Gravimetric constants are all involved.

How hard is the ball being thrown?
What angle is the ball being thrown at relative to the ground?
How long is the ball in the air (a function of the above)

maybe AlwaysBusy’s corner, is abandonware, but have forces and collisions, look for ABPE* files in

Randy Gaul has a a great series of articles on this: