GraphicsD2D CreateTextFormat error

I’ve recently been getting reports from a small number of my customers of a problem on what seems to be Win7 and Win10 that showed up recently.

I’m building on 2017r3.

My app writes formatted text to a canvas, which is displayed to the user. Before the text is displayed, the user gets an error alert:

Runtime Error

Common\Win32\GraphicsD2D.cpp: 558
Failure Condition: SUCCEEDED(hr)
CreateTextFormat failed: 80070057

My app subsequently closes.

Any ideas where to look and what might be happening?


If you’re setting TextSize to a negative value then it looks to have been fixed in 2018r1.


Failing that do they have the font on their system and/or is there any correlation to the default language of the device?

Thanks, Julian. That is a possibility.