Graphics Masking Issue

I have a PNG image that is grayscale… with the desired transparent areas &cFFFFFF
This image is ActivityImage

I am attempting to create a colored image… where the colors are various intenstity based on the grays in the mask

Everything works fine. EXCEPT that areas that should be 100% transparent are more like 50%

// size I want the OUTPUT to be
// size the supplied image mask actually is
  p=new Picture(ww,hh,32)
  p.Graphics.ForeColor=&cFF0000 ' RED
  p.Graphics.FillRect 0,0,ww,hh ActivityImage,0,0,ww,hh, 0,0,ww,hh
  p.Transparent=1 ' this makes NO Difference in result

  self_graphics.drawpicture p,0,0,w,h, 0,0,ww,hh

On first glance, using p.transparent along with a mask seems like a bad idea. Also try p.applymask. Otherwise check that the mask image has no alpha and the mask image’s mask is solid black. If it has transparency it will draw blended onto the black mask that already exists… hence the 50% instead of 100% transparency.