[Graphics] Deprecated items that have a replacement

There are two cases of deprecated item(s), as far a I know.

In the IDE, Code Editor, when you click in the “Check this item for errors” button, you get a list of entries (clues) about this item (or nothing). Read below

a. Deprecated items that have a replacement:
The line below is flagged:

Canvas1.Graphics.DrawPicture gPict,0,0

b. Deprecated:
The line inside the #If block below is flagged (the UseOldRenderer word is yellow highlighted):

#If TargetCocoa Resized_Pict.Graphics.UseOldRenderer = True // This gaves a better result, more or less #EndIf

Conclusion: the people who discovers with Xojo 2018r4 tons of errors about Graphics, either never used that command or ignore these results for so many years. Sorry folks.

There are other entries like unused Method Parameters / Unused local variables, and probably others to check.

I noticed the [Graphics] entry above because of the second entry: I typed the wrong syntax “on purpose” to check what information I will get.

Kudos for the Xojo Engineers / Boooo to us developers who never go there / do not know / etc. this feature.


PS: now I have to remove my deprecated code (UseOldRenderer): I was asking myself its status before running this feature.

For those who do not know, you can also deprecate your own methods/classes in your projects. To do so, right-click on an object (class, module, method…) in the IDE and select Attributes… Then add an attribute named deprecated.
If you let the value blank, it is a plain deprecation.
If there is a replacement available, type its name in the value box with quotes, e.g. “myReplacement”

I don’t get it with right-clic, but with second tab panel in the inspector ?

@Jean-Yves Pochez — Yes. Sorry I only considered an old version of the IDE