Graphical glitch on OS X 10.10.x with NSTextViewMBS and Metal Drawer Window

The Apple Review Team sent me an Image of mySalesAgent running on OS X 10.10.5 which looks really strange.

This is how the App should look like (and always did until now):

And this is what the Apple review Team sees on OS X 10.10.5:

I am using a NSTextViewMBS named as “tv” as a private scoped Property of the MainWindow and in the Open Event of this Window there’s the following Code:

tv = new NSTextViewMBS(Width/2-50,Height,120,21) //this size is hardcoded--should be based on the window... tv.font=NSFontMBS.titleBarFontOfSize(0) tv.isEditable=False tv.isSelectable=False tv.drawsBackground=False tv.backgroundColor=nil tv.textColor=NSColorMBS.grayColor tv.alignment=NSTextViewMBS.NSCenterTextAlignment tv.font=NSFontMBS.titleBarFontOfSize(0) tv.text="" self.Title = "mySalesAgent" tv.autoresizingMask = NSViewMBS.NSViewMinYMargin+NSViewMBS.NSViewMaxXMargin+NSViewMBS.NSViewMinXMargin self.NSWindowMBS.contentView.superview.addSubview(tv)

I used Xojo 2016 R1.1 and MBS-Xojo-Plugins163pr5 with HiDPI enabled in a 64Bit Build for this App.

@Christian Schmitz, do you have any idea whats happening here?

an exception while the window is built maybe?

Did you run your app on 10.9 or 10.10 to see if you trigger some exception?

No. I currently have only my MBP with OS X 10.11.5 available and there’s only Room for 1 Windows VM.

maybe fine a friend with an older OS X?

No. And with Parallels i can only install an El Cap VM on my MBP. :confused:

I’ll have a look.

Awesome! Thank you @Beatrix Willius ! :slight_smile:

If you need any more information/code, please get in direct contact with me via Mail.

a test project maybe?

Hmm… the VM for 10.10. didn’t want to open the AppStore. Probably needs a restart. 10.9 did work but there MySalesAgent looks okay.

Except that I can’t read black on dark gray but that’s more of a pet peeve.

10.10 also looks good. What has the Fruit company done?

Difficult to answer. mySalesAgent is the kind of App, Apple does not want to have in the App Store and i fought 2 Months before the initial release in the Mac App Store (April/May 2015). Each time i make updates they take a VERY close look at my App to find ANYTHING to be able reject my updates. :wink:

This time they started to see crashes upon launch on OS X 10.10.x after i’ve added a Button Control i bought as Part of a Control Suite recently (i don’t want to name it, because i can’t be sure if this is related to the issues and i don’t want to damage the reputation of the Developer of this Suite). Xojo and the Developer of this Suite are investigating the issues.

In my latest Build i used a Version of this Button Control, stripped down to the bare minimum to keep it functional. This time Apple did not reject it because of crashes on 10.10.x but they’ve sent me the above Screenshot. This is the first time i see something like this.
Because in the first 10 (!) rejections for this Update Apple did not mention this graphical glitches, i assume the latest changes in the Button Control Code are somewhat related to this issue. This and the fact i can’t reproduce the Issue, making it difficult for me to provide a Sample Project.
I hope someone has seen something like this before or someone like @Christian Schmitz may have an idea what could happen here.

The Method i use to make mySalesAgent look like it does on my first Screenshot has been used unchanged since 1 Year and in many Updates now.

I am currently thinking about rewriting the App from scratch using the standard OS X design to make it easier to use for visually limited persons.