GraffitiWebGrid problem

Hi Guys,

Though I bought Graffiti web component since 2015, it’s my first time to try the GraffitiWebgrid .

From the example included in Graffiti, I created new webpage and drag the GraffitiWebgrid on it. Without any code or whatever settings,

I encountered a problem when try to run it.

I hope somebody might shed light for my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked to see if there is an update?

Thanks Bob!

I believed I am using the latest version. It’s Release 22.

Did you follow the “Getting started” instructions?
Getting Started [Web]

Hi Paul,

As you can see, I am using the actual sample used by Graffiti. All components are functioning well, but when I tried to add Webpage and drag the GraffitiWebGrid on it, and run, It produces the error.

I seem to remember that I had to fix Anthonys code in some places to make it work on non-US systems. The trouble was ( If I remember correctly, don’t have the code handy right now) that he uses cstr a lot which is fine on US systems, but creates problems in countries which use “,” as a decimal separator, because it makes javascript choke (and generate error messages such as the one you see). I told Anthony about it, but he still seems to be too ill to answer.

Thanks, Maximilian, unfortunately, we do not use “,” as decimal separator here in my country. We are still using “.” as decimal separator.

Paste the full error text and maybe we can discern where this extra t came from, and maybe how to fix it.

Actually, json uses the US format, so if anything you should be using val and str instead of cdbl, cstr and format.

Hi Greg,

The original sample works on my PC.

Just wondered why when I add new Webform and put GraffitiWebGrid on it, it pops an error.

You need to make sure you have the scripts in the copyfiles of your build, even for debug.

That wasn’t the error. There’s an unexpected t and without looking at the JSON or the code that made it, nobody will ever know where it came from.

I have tried it too and I get an empty webpage.
No Java messages.
I tested it with Xojo 2016R3 and Xojo 2016R4.1.
I also used the fixed version of GraffitiSuite that made it possible to work with Xojo 2016R3 and higher.

When I add some code, the grid is filled and shows the data as supposed.

This issue was due to Kaspersky AV injecting its own analysis script in when GraffitiWebGrid was adding a tag in the SetupHTML event. I removed this tag and used ExecuteJavascript for the operation and Kaspersky stopped behaving badly. It looks like anytime they see a tag, even in an XmlHTTPRequest, they try to inject. I’m not sure what about the injection, specifically, was causing the issue, but I found many other people complaining about the same thing on the Kaspersky forums.

This has been fixed.

Thanks to Paul and of course the creator Anthony.