GraffitiWebEdition: GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem - Add & Select Item?

I have a problem with the Graffiti Web Edition.
I’m using the GraffitiWebPopMenuItem. With

MyGraffiti_Suppliersname.AddItem( new GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem( “TEST4”, false, false ) )
I can add the word “TEST4” to the PopUp.

I though I can add a item and select it with this:
MyGraffiti_Suppliersname.AddItem( new GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem( “TEST5”, true, false ) )

But it doesn’t work: It adds the TEST5 to the dropdown, but isn’t selected.

How can I set the selection to TEST5?

I found the problem, but don’t have the solution:

To add and select an item, this one ist correct:
MyGraffiti_Suppliersname.AddItem( new GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem( “TEST5”, true, false ) )

But when I use

before this line, the selection is broken for ever.

I’m not sure about Selection being “broken”, but you can also use the SetItemSelect method to select items. If you can put all of this in an example project showing the issue(s), I’ll take a look.

Make sure you email me the example project at

I found the problem, but have no solution:

You can test it with the “graffitisuiteweb” - example:

I open the pgePopupMenu, gwPM2, SelectionChanged.

Here I add this:
MsgBox (SelectedText)

Then in the graphic editor, I’ll switch at gwPM2 the option “AllowAdd” to ON.

Now I test the App with the RUN Button.

If you enter new text, everything is fine, and the text will popup as message box.

BUT: When you enter a number, e.g. 900, nothing happens - or the old text will be shown.

So the issue is: A number don’t work with the GraffitiWebPopupMenu.

The other problems, are the following problems. But the main problem ist, that numbers are ignored.

I have fixed this in the latest beta. Please email me for the updated version.

Wow, that was fast! Cool!
Thats sounds good. :slight_smile:

A few seconds ago, I called my coworker which have the problem. He’ll send you an email.

Thank you.

Hi Anthony,

Marcel send you another email with an example. There is one more small issue in the GraffitiWebPopupMenu

I’ve just sent Marcel an updated version which should address your issue.

@Anthony Cyphers, when will you be releasing your next update? I’m still using a beta version you sent a couple of weeks ago and would like to plan the update for the full release.

Thank you,

@Robert Litchfield
I’m not quite sure right now. I have to finish up two new classes, and I’m planning to rewrite GraffitiWebChart to take advantage of new library features. I was going to push it out last week, but some last minutes bug reports came in that really need to be fixed before R23 goes out.

Tentatively, let’s say before August 1st.