GraffitiWebAlertButton question

i use Graffitisuite web edition a27.2 and need to use a container type alarm class with two buttons. My problem is how to identify which button has the user pressed in order to execute different part of the code. There is a class webalarm button but dint know how to uss the class as there is mo example code for it.

For examples of how to use GraffitiSuite products, please refer to the demo project included with the GraffitiSuite download.

More specifically, you need to implement the ButtonClick event of the GraffitiWebAlert instance on your page/container.

I was looking there but think that did not find such an implentation in the demo example. Do have to use the RaiseEvent? Is it posdible to provide here a little sample code?

I am assuming that you meant GraffitiWebAlert, as there is no such thing as GraffitiWebAlarm. If that’s the case then you need to right-click the instance of GraffitiWebAlert that’s on your page or container (it will show up in the bottom bar), select "Add to ", then “Event Handler” and finally select “ButtonClick” in the list and hit OK.

In the demo you need to look at pgeAlert in the “DemoPages” folder for a wide array of examples using GraffitiWebAlert. This particular event may not be implemented in the demo, depending on version, but its use should be fairly self-explanatory.

You can see an example of this implementation, using the ButtonClick_O event, in the documentation for GraffitiWebAlert.

Cheers Antony, i am always appreciating your quick support :slight_smile:

Happy to help!