GraffitiSuiteWeb - Positive Experience

I wanted to give an unsolicited thank you to Anthony Cyphers over at GraffitiSuite for the support that he provided to me lately. I was struggling with another add-on provider that makes a similar product to Anthony’s and decided to give his Suite a try. When I ran into a bit of trouble he was quick to get back to me and offer a suggestions to fix the issue. So far a very positive experience with both the suite of tools (very easy to integrate into my projects) and the service.

I’ve had the same experience with Anthony. He’s always been quick to respond and help. I use both the desktop and web editions and have been really happy with it…

Yep, helped me a lot to. A really nice guy! Thumbs up !

+100 :wink:
I really like Anthony’s GraffitiSuite, both Desktop and Web edition.
They look very nice and work great.
His support is outstanding.

I have to chime in too. Anthony has been tremendously helpful to me as well and his products are top notch.
I would absolutely recommend his products to anyone.

I bought the desktop suite a few years ago, my experience with him was overwhelmingly positive. Really attentive to customer inquiries and questions, top notch vendor.

Let’s make sure he sees this :wink:
@Anthony Cyphers !

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.

Thirteen years ago, when I first released GraffitiButton, I never expected it would lead me to this point. So many products, so many great customers (and friends), and more releases (and bugs) than I can even begin to recall. Having an amazing customer-base makes it easy to be a good vendor, and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to interact with all of you over the years and contribute to your Xojo projects. The road has been bumpy at times, but it’s been a lot of fun.

Thank you all again for making GraffitiSuite what it is – it wouldn’t be here without all of those who have purchased and subscribed since late 2002.

As always, I’m an email away.