GraffitiSuite. Worth the money?

Is there anyone that is using GraffitiSuite ?
I’d like to replace my old license for Einhugur components with something new, so I tried the demo and I found GS quite interesting; but before purchasing it I was hoping to find someone that is already using it in some projects that could tell me if he/she would reccomend it or not.

Thank you very much

It really depends on what components you plan to use. I bought one component when is was possible to buy by component. The code is clean and easy to understand. Would I buy now? No, because I only needed this single component. If you plan to use more than one I think the price is okay.

Thank you very much for having responded.
I was mainly planning to replace the old PictureButton component from Einhugur with GraffitiButton, but I was also tempted by the GraffitiSearchCanvas and the GraffitiThunbList.

What I still don’t understand about GraffitiButton is if allows to display native buttons without having to code them differently; I mean: putting a button on a form and have it displayed as a Windows native button on Windows, as a Mac native button on OS X, and as a KDE/Gnome/whatever native button on Linux.
Judging from the demo you can assign almost one hundred of different appearances to a button but I can’t see any settings to display it as native… and AFAIK there’s no way of asking the developer if this is a supported feature, as the email support is only for paying customers.

You may want to ask Anthony this. AFAIK the controls are all canvas-based.