GraffitiSuite TabPanel .Value = 0?

With a desktop TabPanel I have set the current tab with the myTabPanel.Value = 0 command. If the user Cancels from a page, I want to set the field values and chosen tab to a default state.

Is there an equivalent command for a GraffitiSuite TabPanel? I cannot see one, nor a workaround.

If you wish to set the TabPanel to a certain tab, you can use the SelectItem(itemIndex as Integer) method.

Either I’m going blind or Anthony just added this to the help page (!

I did add it to the docs, but it’s always been in the demo. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was looking at the documentation, not the demo. Either way, I’m happy!

I should note that the next beta includes a revamp of the GraffitiWebTabPanel API to encourage OOP, so there will be necessary code changes, but they should be minimal. Included in that change is a new property:

Value as GraffitiWebTabPanelItem