GraffitiSuite TabPanel Style

I have begun using GraffitiSuite TabPanels in my Web apps. They appear with a metallic grey background with a glow around the tab text.

I want to change this look to my own style, but when I set the WebStyle for the tab panel it seems to be ignored. I have checked the documentation and examples.

Am I missing something, or is there a workaround?

Have you tried to set the style in the shown event of the container or page? It works for me with 2019 R1.1.

In my program, the line is this:

Me.GWTB1.Style = wsCell1 Me.GWTB1.ActiveTabStyle = wsTabPanel2

GWTB1 is the tab panel, wsTabPanel2 is the web style of the active tab, wsCell1 is the style of all other tabs.

For per-tab support, I’d recommend switching to GraffitiWebTabBar + GraffitiWebPagePanel. The base library for GraffitiWebTabPanel in its current state isn’t WebStyle friendly, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been building alternates in the form of the TabBar + PagePanel.

I believe @Louis Desjardins is talking about GraffitiTabBar

Added for next release:

[ADD] GraffitiWebTabPanelItem now has a Style property for setting the tab style. [ADD] GraffitiWebTabPanelItem now has a StyleActive property for setting the tab style when active. [ADD] GraffitiWebTabPanelItem now has a PageStyle property for setting the style of the tab's contents container.

I would ask that you open tickets for these issues as that helps me keep track of requests and issues much better, gathers the information that may be required to successfully replicate and troubleshoot, and I’m far more attentive to my own support system.