GraffitiSuite controls?


I was wondering if anyone had tried the graffitisuite controls.

What has your experience been? Has anyone had to use their support? Do you there controls survive changes in XoJo releases from year to year?

I was looking at their support policies, and particular the return policy’s and got a little bit concerned. The tone of their support pages is a bit adversarial. That had me wondering, what’s the relationship with their customers like?

Anyway, anyone care to comment?

My experience has been A+ with GraffitiSuite controls. I use the web controls and, to be frank, they add the pieces that are missing in Xojo that you would expect to be intrinsic in any RAD toolbox. The support is always quick. You won’t be disappointed.

I totally agree with Anthony Mott.
GraffitiSuite is fabulous and the support by @Anthony Cyphers is sublime.
Top controls and top support. :thumbs up:

@Anthony Cyphers is exactly the kind of person you want to buy third-party stuff from. You’ll be well looked after.

Oh good - I’m glad to hear that. I’ve dowloaded their sample app and agree completely with @Anthony Mott ; it looks like they add what’s missing in XoJo. Thanks everyone for your comments.

[quote=439560:@Rob Hallock] Do you there controls survive changes in XoJo releases from year to year?
I think if you upgrade Xojo sometimes you will need to upgrade the plugin too. From what I read, they keep updating the controls, so don’t worry about that.

Just to add one more positive bit of feedback. I have only used the Web version and I don’t use all of the controls but some end up in just about everything I do.

Great functionality, great support. There are some pretty exotic things like the accordion control that would be very hard to duplicate.

Lots of these Web controls are ports of open source Java Script and Anthony has great skills integrating them into Xojo that make them feel like truly native built in functionality.

I had both license. Graffitisuite web and desktop.

Graffitisuite Web make your xojo app looks like standard web app.

Support usually instant.

Looks like Anthony is coding on the right hand, while supporting client on his left hand. I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Graffiti rocks. Anthony is quick to respond and if you have an idea he’ll consider it. He communicates which is incredibly valuable.

Though not a paid spokes man :slight_smile: I am a HUGE GraffitiSuite fan!

There are ALOT of controls to pick from and each one is extremely well documented, Anthony’s support response time is stellar. In all of my apps that I write, Graffiti controls are embedded in each one. This saves me SOO much time from UI design and all me to focus on the core functionally of my apps.

+1 on all the positive feedback. Anthony sets the standard, and the bar is quite high.

@Anthony Cyphers is fantastic. He created an entirely new web control for us in less than a day which is now bundled with GraffitiSuite Web. He’s quick to respond, his controls are robust and he is always pleasant to deal with.

I have read the same several times from different people. Someone asking “Anthony, can GraffitiSuite do this?” and the next version is included. That’s amazing.