Graffiti Suite Web Controls

Hello guys! A new Xojo convert here.

Is anyone here who uses Graffiti Suite web controls? I bought the R23 version last week and when I tried running the demo project in Xojo 2017r1, there is no response whatsoever after the build although there is no error.

I asked this same question to but up to now there is no reply. The documentation that comes with it is next to empty. There is no example to use each control. The Getting Started section is confusing to a newbie like me. I just hope that this forum can help.

From you xojo project, go to main menu SHARED then remove the text from COMMAND LINE ARGUMENT (right side box)

Wow! Thank you very much Sir Ronaldo!

This forum rocks! I posted 2 questions in 2 days and the response is superb!

Welcome to the forums and to Xojo! There are many experts (and not-so-expert-but-willing-to-try-anyway) here, pleased to help. Soon, you will chip in your own experience!

Now, spread the word! :wink: