Graffiti Grid for Web

Anyone else using Graffiti Grid for Web? It has a ScrollPositionChanged event so you can easily code for lazy loading.

I’m having a problem trying to select a row and have it highlight like the WebListBox. There is a RowSelectionChanged event where I added the code:

MsgBox Me.SelectedRows.UBound.ToText

But when I click a row it’s not showing the MsgBox.

Any ideas?

Use a breakpoint to ensure the event is happening, not a MsgBox.
If you can confirm the event is happening, check the SelectedRows value in the debugger.
If SelectedRows has a value, use str() instead of ToText and see if you can get a value for that.

Thanks Tim. I just tried that and the behavior is the same.

If I set “EnableCellNavigation” to true, I can click a cell and it fires.

Maybe Graffiti Grid doesn’t have a row highlight like the WebListbox…