Gradient Oval

Hi, I would like to apply a gradient effect to a circle, but i did not find any solution yet.
I have this code to create gradient:

Dim startColor As Color = &cff0000
Dim endColor As Color = &c0000ff
Dim p as New iOSBitmap(200, 200,2)
Dim samt, eamt As Double
For i As Integer = 0 To p.Height
samt = 1 - (i / p.Height)
eamt = i / p.Height
p.Graphics.FillColor = color.RGB((startColor.Red samt) + (endColor.Red eamt), _
(startColor.Green samt) + (endColor.Green eamt), _
(startColor.Blue samt) + (endColor.Blue eamt))
g.DrawImage(p, 0, 0)

Might I invite you to have a look at the extended CGGraphics/iOSGraphics functions of iOSLlib in I would suggest creating an oval clipping path and filling it with a gradient directly inside the paint event, either a linear or a circular one. You can simply use the Graphicsextension that adds many features transparently to a Canvas in Xojo iOSLib, or you can add an iOSLibCanvas to have faster access to the CGGraphics class.

Thank you for your suggestion.

In case you tried: Sorry, there was a bug in the color conversion. It is fixed now and I have added a gradient to the intro view that is multiplied over the background color.