Does anyone know if it’s possible to send GPS coordinates from an app to a Garmin GPS unit?

This is something I would like to do if it’s possible, but I’ve never used USB ports from RS/XOJO ?

Just thought I would ask… You just never know… Someone might have done it.

Which Garmin device do you want to use? Any idea about the protocol?

if the USB device is configured as a serial device, Xojo (and the whole OS) will see it as a serial port.
Just know the right protocol to communicate and you can talk with it.

I think I might be biting off more than I can chew but not quite giving up yet… (glutton for punishment I guess).
My Garmin model is a Nuvi 50LM

Well after connecting my GPS to my computers USB port it gets detected as a drive letter.
There is a file in a folder G:\GPX\Current.Gpx. This file stores your GPS favorites.
After viewing this file it seems like it might be a XML file.

From what I can figure out so far it has a header as shown.
Label, Type, Symbol, Description, Name on GPS, Comment, Latitude, longitude, Elevation, Distance to active point and Bearing.

And that’s just the header from waypoints. There are Waypoints, Routes, Tracks, Photos and Geocaches all with their own

A bit of the file starts like whats showing below.
This is just the first part of the file for an example.

If your on mac try text wrangler it will colour your XML for you

This need a completely different and perhaps easier approach.
The question is not how to communicate with GPS, but how to read Garmin GPX files.

A quick googling reported this Wikipedia page which explains the basics and links to the official documentation:
see also

This is slightly off-topic. What I do know, is how to make use of GPS data, and sending it to navigation apps in your iOS device.

What I did before, is using an online converter.

I exported my data to a text based file. I think it was tab or comma delimited.
Next, I created an app where I was able to read the data into a database. In the app I was able to send the GPS coordinates to my TomTom or Navigon navigation app, using a ShowURL command. The URL was constructed like this:



Of course I replaced the values of the curly-brackets with the data from my internal database.
Online you can find many other URI schemas. In my app I was able to set the URI template, according to what the user wants. Works like a charm!

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