GPG Encryption

We are currently using a shell to run gpg2.exe. . Assuming we have the private key, can any of the 3rd party xojo plugins decrypt a file that has been encrypted with a GPG public key? We would like to build the encryption/decryption into our app to eliminate the dependency on gpg software.

I assume this means that you can’t switch to the native encrypt/decrypt functions in the Crypto module?

I’d leave it as “one of the optional things we know how to use” since GPG is GPL’d and any closer dependency means you likely have to be GPL as well

I believe Albin Kiland came up with code called “CipherTools” about 2 years ago, the code is floating around (or I can find it and upload) but it supports 52 ciphers and I believe GPG using opensource tools (ie OpenSSL and files which come natively on Mac/Linux…windows requires an open source download)


I did not consider that.

Thanks for the info Matthew. To avoid any licensing issues, and sense Albin’s solution would require OpenSSL, we will just stick with using gpg for now. It is actually working fine, but it would be nice to have one less thing to install.

Yepp, It simply calls OpenSSL. It just simplifies it a bit :slight_smile:

you could roll your own GnuPG classes calling the libraries that GPG uses. I have not looked at this for a while, but what I remember the libs were under LGPL which is better for us than GPL. LGPL allows commercial apps (think closed source and/or actual commercial apps) to use the libraries with no legal issues. Where as GPL would allow you to open source your app.