Got my Apple Watch Series 6 with the Solo Loop!

I choose size 7 and that turns out to have been the right choice. I have to stretch it to get it over my fist (obviously) but then it feels like the perfect fit. Not too snug, not too loose. When I got my original Apple Watch (having never worn a watch or anything else on my wrists my entire life) I was immediately turned off by the clasp. I got a magnetic band which was better but this solo band is what I really wanted. No clasp or any kind.

Anyone else ordered a Solo band? How does it fit?


Impressive it came so fast.

I’m still waiting for the one with the braided solo.

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not - but since 2 weeks i have a huawei band 4 pro :slight_smile:
i choose this because the software at android phone is good,
it have sleep analysis, and it was at offer.
Blog /smart-watch-band/

Um, that’s an extrememly subtle watch. Er, does a pattern of stitches appear somehow to show you the time?


I ordered it about an hour after the presentation. At this point they are backed up into November.

I ordered mine the next day, as I recall. Supposed to come middle of Oct.

So Apple is selling a lot of them. :slight_smile:

Nice. I love my Apple Watch but had the sweaty basic strap it came with. Is this comfortable to wear for long periods. Can it be cleaned? Does it slip at all?

So I only got it yesterday. I wore it from around noon until going to bed and I’ve been wearing it all morning today. It’s very comfortable to wear. It can be cleaned (it’s silicon) and it does not appear to slip at all.

When I’m not being the CEO of Xojo, I’m a drummer in two bands. My previous watch band was magnetic but would still slip sometimes while I was drumming. As a test, I put my arm at my side and then shook it violently and the solo band didn’t move at all.

I guess I got the sizing right because it doesn’t feel too tight or too loose.

In short, I love it.

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Did you use the Apple guideline sheet to size it before ordering?

I did. It told me that the size I should order was 7 so that’s what I ordered. This was of course before the updated instructions but it worked nonetheless.

Er, updated instructions?

Yes, they have added more specifics to help people use the size guideline sheet more correctly. For example, they remind people to print it at 100% size, to make it snug and if the indicator is between two numbers, choose the lower of the two.

Ah, ok, I had at least some of that on my sheet, so nothing to worry about.

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