Got a minute to send me a quick email - why do you love Xojo?

I’m looking for 1-3 sentence “testimonials” from users on why they love Xojo for our website! If you have the time, please send me an email at (or forum PM) with your testimonial (include your company name if you’d like it mentioned) and your name, of course :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Wow, thanks for the rapid response! So glad to hear you love Xojo! Please keep these coming, they’re fantastic and really help! :slight_smile:

These are great! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Bumping this post in case anyone missed it. We’ve got a great collection of testimonials listed so far - don’t you want your story included? Send it to me and I’ll get it posted right away! We really appreciate your time!

Still looking for more! Thanks to everyone who has already sent one!