Google's Flutter might be the future?

Hi Guys,

I just reviewed the newest mobile development sdk by google called “Flutter”. It looks like the same concept of accomplishing an app for introducing their “widgets” while in xojo is container.
Like XOJO, no need to learn HTML and CSS needed too. How ever there is no DRAG N DROP to create screen design. All screen are design thru hard code.

As of now, It can produce native ios and android app and soon availble in desktop and web too.

Look like its a treat to XOJO? Any thought from you guys?

I never trust anything from google, it can disappear as quickly as it appeared …

Yea, how many websites still have a Google Plus logo?

How “native” can we consider Flutter?

Flutter programs against a virtual machine, which translates code to native calls. Graphically it uses its own engine.

It’s “native” in the same way Java would be. Neither widgets nor code runs natively but of course the VM is natively compiled.

I think the “native” description is becoming more and more blurred to almost mean “it’s not web-based and it’s not a language interpreter” which I think is stretching the thing a bit thin.

To me, the very least needed for being called “native” is that the GUI is the native one and that the code compiles to a (non-packed) executable. Is this not a common definition? Flutter doesn’t fill this requirement at all.

Not even going on whether it’s a good or bad programming option, just taking issue with it calling itself “native”.

Flutter is the UI Toolkit. Powered by the Dart Language. Dart works immediately when debugging using it’s VM and JIT with hot reloads, you change a thing and SEE the result just in time; but at deploy time, it uses AOT, compiled to NATIVE CODE in production including just a small runtime. Yes, microprocessor instructions, not interpreted. So it’s really native. It’s not vanishing anytime, a lot of efforts was done for years to reach the current point. The “let’s do an experiment” time is gone. Google uses it, Alibaba uses it, Tencent, SONOS, Ebay… It’s also a solid part of the project Fuchsia. Dart language is mature and currently is the #29 most popular language in the world in TIOBE rank ahead of Rust, Scala, F#, or even Kotlin.

Just been playing with this today, very interesting.

2021 will be the very interesting year for Flutter. 2020 it will evolve basically the web part, tooling, and maturing a bit just the Mac desktop. :smiley:

As this thread indirectly hurts the forum rules, maybe it’s better to lock it.

Under the new forum guidelines for 2020, this is one of those topics that fits in the gray area of acceptability. I’m locking it for now, but will ask that it be reviewed by a Xojo employee.