Google I/O 2014

Now I just need an excuse to play with Google DataFlow and BigQuery :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: #CardBoard ?

google discovers design… uhhh looks like a mixture between iOS 7 and Metro…

Hehe. Found it. VR with a Cardboard. Amazing.

Everyone at Google I/O won 2 Google Android Wear Smartwatches! Yes. Two! One Moto 360 and another of his/her choice.

definitely going to try this one. Looks like fun

You know I once heard a joke about Kia cars, 1st prize was one Kia sportage, 2nd prize was two… Reminds me of that joke…

Kind of different here, one Mercedes GLA plus a Kia Sportage by the price of a 1/10th of a Ford Fiesta.

A 3 hour keynote that said basically nothing new about Android, except for a few new interface elements,.

Looks like the 2 protesters was the most exciting part of the whole thing.

If your interest is just Android, beyond the news about the L preview and TV API, tomorrow we’ll have more topics:

The new Android Studio
Android Wear
Web integration with the device
Nest API
Material Design API
GDK - Glass API

But don’t expect a course, just few topics. It’s a presentation, not a class. :wink:

Google in my car is something that I don’t need. However, the new Gmail API is something that I need to check out.

Apparently during the presentation of Android Wear sync with the phone did not work so well :wink:

I missed that one, don’t even know about it. I’ve saw a glitch during the Google Cloud debugging needing refresh the page.

But we know that first time presentations have those things.

Was reported on TV :wink:

Good thing in IT is, nothing is too big to fail. ^^

I’ve found the fail in the Wear Device presentation. Wasn’t sync related, it refused to take a dictated note from the operator. Seemed related to a missing pause in the phrase “take a note double sided peanut butter jar”, maybe it need some tweak. Instead of taking the note, it did a web search about the terms (as it usually does when it doesn’t recognize commands).

Marc Andreessen (Twitter: @pmarca) has been tweeting lately about how the industry cycles between bundling and unbundling, and we’re seeing a strong “bundling” trend right now. The big vendors (Apple, Google, MS) are offering giant product stacks where the value of the combination of their individual products are purported to be greater than sum of the values of them:

  1. Apple: Mac + iPad + iPhone --> 6 color euphoria
  2. Google: android _____ + Chrome --> Larry and Sergey in their party plane
  3. MS: Windows + Phone + Surface + Xbox --> One interface to run your life

The Apple tendency toward bundling is zero surprise. The MS one makes sense. But this Google one is very new, especially in unifying a whole bunch of initiatives under “android _____”. There are differences of approach in bundling as well. Apple has walled garden with really high walls and doesn’t give a rat’s behind about integration with other vendors’ technology. MS is actively trying to get its key apps on the other platforms. Google is open enough to let anyone integrate with the pieces, if they want.

The other side of the coin in “unbundling”. This happens when consumers don’t buy the “greater than the sum” lie, and mix and match products and platforms from all the vendors. It’s where I fall. Mac on the desk. Android phone and tablet, and I’ll get the watch because I’m nostalgic for the WIMM, where I wrote an award winning watch face. I’m going to give the Surface Pro 3 a shot as a lapper and high-end tablet, as I can easily write custom apps for the tablet with Xojo. I think I still get more from cross-pollination than from going all in with one vendor.

android auto is actually the most interesting thing I saw. They got the economics absolutely right by making it phone centered. The highest end infotainment system offered by an automobile manufacturer has been and will continue to be obsoleted by the top end of the phone market in less than 4 years. Sucks for the manufacturers and dealers, who only sell these systems to complete suckers right now as is, but it’s good for drivers, who can take their information with them car to car. I’m not sure if Apple stumbled onto the same thing with CarPlay. MS definitely missed it completely with Sync.