Google Conversion Tag

We have a shopping cart application.

In order to track our Google ad words campaign, We are using Google’s tags. The most critical of these tags is the conversion tag

. Google has provided us with the following tag that we are to cut and paste into aour HTML

I don’t know enough about things outside the xojo world to send this information to the Google servers. Execute JavaScript of the whole blob seems to throw horrible errors.

Can someone get me started in the right direction?

You can do :

  • Paste the Google code into a constant. Say we call it googleCode
  • Drag a PageSource onto your WebPage
  • In the PageSource EditSource event :
Source = googleCode.Replace("1.00", myAmount)

The tricky part is that the value of myAmount as String must be set before you show the webPage.

This will place the code in your page, which you can verify with the browser Developer’s tools.

If your conversion_id contains “1.00” you want to use a token instead, such as “1.00” in the conversion_value field.

Thanks Michael!

I went that route earlier and got stuck on a

“You cannot assign a value to this property”

What am I missing?

Read again step by step what I posted. What you are missing is the EditSource Event where that code goes.