Good SQLite intros/tutorials?

It’s amazing to see confusion jump in once you try to explore a new disclipline, no matter how much you thought you have learned before. For reasons I am trying to wind my head around SQLite now. The start works, but once I try to go a bit more into depth I have to realize I don’t know anything.
There are no computed columns/fields in SQLite like I learnt to love them in FileMaker. So either one can create a view or probably send a SQL SELECT message, probably combined with some formula. But what would be the recommended Xojo way? I copy examples and they cease to work. Sometimes I stumble about forgetting single quotes so the formula returns an error …

To make it short: All of you who understood SQLite and how to make it run with Xojo: Did you encounter any good sites/books/webinars? The SQLite site itself lacks a lot of examples for my taste, and others seem to skip some portion of the information so I find myself not really learning anything. Is there a SQlite for (Xojo) dummies?

use the triggers to make a calculated field

I too came from a Filemaker background, but IMO, the database should only store the raw values, and the calculated values should be done within the application (or within the SQL query).

There are exceptions, e.g. sometimes if you need to search on the calculated value, or if the calculation is extensive and storing the calculated value is more efficient.

Thanks, you two! Yes, especially what Mark wrote is like I see it. So you mean: If I struggle too much with difficult queries at first it wouldn’t be too much cheating if I do something like calculating with the number of returned RecordSet entries instead of a query with a count function that I currently cannot conquer?
The database will hold a few thousand entries at most and not process more than 1000 for a year, so I guess taking the Xojo road wouldn’t cause a delay for the user(?)

For advance books!!
Advance Tutorials
A nice pdf book

The SQL Guide to SQLite by Rick van der Lans. Tons of practical examples.

Already enjoying the first tutorial of Loannis’ list. This is so much clearer to read than the official site! Now I see where I missed quotes or semicolons, I tended to oversee them in the documentation. Thx a lot, you all!

Use a tool to make the queries, because writing SQL by hand is painful. Valentina Studio is okay. The German translation in Navicat SQLite something was so bad that I deleted the app immediately. The best tool to create SQL - sadly - is MS Access in my opinion.

Thanks, Beatrix! Yes, I claimed my Valentina license from the OmageBundle I bought last year yesterday. Waiting for the order process right now. I once licensed SQLPro for SQLite which is fun to work with and very Mac-like but Valentina seems to be more helpful when it comes to creating cross-references and advanced queries.

I’ve done a couple SQLite webinars, which I hope are good:

Like Mark said (I too heavily used FileMaker in the past) you can calculate within the query itself

Select unit_price, quantity, unit_price * quantity as line_total from invoice lines where invoice_id = 1007[quote=193820:@Merv Pate]The SQL Guide to SQLite by Rick van der Lans. Tons of practical examples.[/quote]


@Eugene Dakin Also wrote a book about SQLite.

Xojo Desktop and SQLite $8.99

Eugene’s books are great, you should definitely consider getting them (if you don’t already have them all).

Best tool to learn about the queries is Mysql Workbench with ready snippets examples.
just make 1 online database and check the snippets.Most of them is working queries for sqlite

Well well – ask one simple question, return the next day and find one of the finest collections of SQLite information you can imagine. Must have been the Xojo forum I asked … Thanks a lot, you all!

@Paul: Sure I know your videos, and they helped a lot! Problem is I am too impatient and usually try out new things when I learn them, skip a few others, rewind, repeat and then don’t want to watch everything again to fill the missing pieces. I prefer written stuff where I can do a full text search and jump through the text and have a language reference – and with your help, I think I found the missing pieces and know why some of my queries didn’t want to execute.

Inspired by Hal Gumbert’s brilliant EasyData project which didn’t fit fully for my needs, I even made some nice progress on an EasySQL project that mimicks FileMaker fields but does not depend on a listbox but rather on a Recordset. Once it is changed, it communicates via an interface to all registered fields (currently only textfields) and they change their value accordingly. Currently working on the opposite function, I have come to the idea SQLite must be somewhat manageable and FM ease with Xojo isn’t that complicated.

But please expect more silly questions and posts that may reflect a rather confused state of mind during the next days :wink: