GlueKit updated for Xojo 2015 r2.1

GlueKit (originally announced here: has been updated for Xojo 2015 r2.1. Xojo has done a great job migrating new framework classes to Desktop so GlueKit is smaller than ever. As promised we followed the exact API so doing a simple find/replace upgraded our projects from GlueKit to Xojo in a snap.

Once Xojo.Net.TCPSocket is available on Desktop then GlueKit will no longer be needed. Until then you can rely on it to share business logic between Desktop & iOS apps.

Grab the latest bits from GitHub (MIT Licensed) here:


May 15th, 2015:

Removed GlueKitInvalidJSONException as Xojo.Data.InvalidJSONException was introduced in 2015r2.
Removed GlueKitHTTPSocket as Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket was introduced in 2015r2.
Removed GlueKitFolderItem as Xojo.IO.FolderItem was introduced in 2015r2.
Removed GlueKitSpecialFolder as Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder was introduced in 2015r2.
Removed GlueKit_Extensions_Mobile as it does not fit the spirit of GlueKit by adding features.
Removed .ParseJSON() method from GlueKit_Extensions. Xojo now supports Xojo.Data.ParseJSON() on Desktop.
Removed ToText() and ToDouble() Auto extensions. No longer needed because Xojo Auto handling is better on Desktop.

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