Global Floating without border

I need a way to have a Global Floating Window without the borders.
Or a Plain Box that behaves like a Global Floating window. :slight_smile:

Any pointers how to do this?


Pick it from the window’s Frame Type property (on the inspector in the IDE)

Maybe an overlay window?

See OverlayMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins.

Not sure what you meant here.

Of course I can set it to ‘Global Floating’ or ‘Plain Box’.
But a Global Floating window has a border. A plain box has no border but is not always on top.

I need a window without borders and it needs to be globally on top of every window.

[quote=397818:@Christian Schmitz]Maybe an overlay window?

See OverlayMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins.[/quote]

I forgotten to add it needs all the events from a normal window too. :slight_smile: It needs to behave 100% like a normal window which isn’t possible (or easy) with Overlays.

Found it with MBS plugins:

dim w as NSWindowMBS = self.NSWindowMBS w.TitlebarAppearsTransparent = true w.StyleMask = BitwiseOr(w.styleMask, w.NSFullSizeContentViewWindowMask) w.TitleVisibility = w.NSWindowTitleHidden