ghost items on a pagepanel ?

Hi there,
I have a tabpanel, and inside it there is a pagepanel
on one page of the pagepanel there are some 20 controls
two of them are “ghosts” … that is if I clic on them they appear, if I clic just beside them (and on the tabpanel) they disappear !
if I clic on the window (and not on the tabpanel) they come back on
this is inside the ide
on the running app, the two ghosts appear on the other pages of the page panel (and also on the page they should be)
did someone else experiment that ?
I cannot reproduce it on a test project… :frowning:

  • Go to the panel where those controls “belong”
  • Click on each control and move it slightly and then return it to its proper location
  • If the containing control border does NOT turn RED, then you failed to anchor the control to that panel, and it will “float”

At least their not poltergeists!

thanks Dave, you saved me !