"Ghost" Div on top of WebListBox!

Hi guys,
While coding today I found that I could not select the first row on a WebListBox when clicking in a certain area.
The Dev Tools in Safari revealed a “Ghost” Div! I have no object at that spot when poking around in the IDE…

Anyone else seen this and have a fix? :slight_smile:
Screencast: https://youtu.be/2AdWtCSsgRY

I guess its a special character gathered by weblistbox that cause that.
Try to replace the content of weblistbox by typing manually instead of copy paste from some source.

That was just a guest.

Thanks for your input, Ronaldo.
I still don’t know what is was but by changing the Z index of the listbox to frontmost the “ghost” div went away…or at least it’s now under the Listbox :slight_smile: