GetType on a PropertyInfo Value

Is it possible to call GetType on the value returned from PropertyInfo.value(someObject)? When I do this I get back a nil but when I inspect the value returned by PropertyInfo.value it is a Variant with the type I expect (Int64).

I am evaluating properties in a class and performing various functions on them depending on what they are (arrays, primitives, class, etc).

According to the documentation GetType will accept any type…

"Gets a TypeInfo object that describes the supplied object. Before you can do anything with introspection, you need to use this method to get a TypeInfo object.

You can supply any data type, including simple types (Integer, Text, etc.), object instances, arrays and structures.
Each TypeInfo instance that is returned is unique and immutable, so two objects of the same class will always return the same TypeInfo instance.
For classes, you must supply an instance. If you want to get TypeInfo for a class itself, use the GetTypeInfo command."

//It’s preferable to use VarType() with Auto type, not Variant type.
Using Xojo.Introspection

Dim SomeObj as Object
Dim ti as TypeInfo
Dim pi,ps() as PropertyInfo
Dim v as Auto
Dim vts() as Integer

//SomeObj=new SomeClass

For Each pi in ps
v= pi.Value(SomeObj)
vts.append VarType(v)

Thanks Masaya. I found my problem. I was using the legacy Introspection. As soon as I changed it over to Xojo.Introspection everything started working.