Getting weird row in IOSTable Action and AccessoryAction

Hi all,

I’m playing with the Xojo supplied example, TableDetail. I’ve extended to add a shared property in the DetailView so I show what row was selected. I added the following code in the AccessoryAction event.

  Dim details As New DetailView
  details.iRow = row

However the row number returned never seems to be correct, some rows return 0, some correct. I then added an Action event as added the following code, add the row number in the View1 open event to add row number to tag, still comes back incorrect. Sometimes it reports correct, then next time a wrong report, sometimes 0.

Dim details As New DetailView dim myCell As iOSTableCellData details.iRow = me.RowData(section, row).Tag Self.PushTo(details)

Trying to get row details. Tried a string in the Tag too, reports different, sometimes empty!

Xojo 2015r4

Any thoughts?

OK, seems to be in setting the Shared Property in the Detail View. debuglog shows correct row number being selected.

Am I doing it right, in how to pass the parameter to the next view?

OK, looks like a timing thing. If I access the property (shared or not) in the view open event, not set, but in activate event, all is well.