Getting Values in Thread.Run ?

I want to download files from Start Date to End Date.

How can I pass these values to the Thread.Run ?

All I want is to get the TextFields dates contents.

I already extracted from the code the checks (if the TextFields are empty, etc.), but even:

Start_Date = Window1.TextField_Start_Date.Text // Rejected


Add some properties to the thread and store the values there before doing

You’ll need to decide what sort of date value you need for use when looking at a file’s creation or modification date - probably a double containing seconds since the epoch, since that matches nicely with Xojo.IO.FolderItem’s ModificationDate property. So:


is then a value to compare with.

You’ll need to write your own function to take the date string in your textfield and convert that to seconds since the epoch.

I usually add another Run method to the thread that accepts the values, stores them in properties of the thread, and then calls the normal Run method.


I tried that and the property goes to the owning window…

I do not talk about that. Usually I let the running OS dates.

The dates I was talking about were the dates of the downloaded images (yes, they have a released ate, and this is the other important thing with the image name and the image extension).

Ah, a second time ? So, I certainly was wrong when I tried to add a Property to the thread.

OK, I tried once more and the classes / properties / etc. falled into the window…

BTW: I dropped the Thread into the design window area. Was it wrong ?

You must create a subclass of thread in order to do this.

Ok Tim, will do that. Thanks.