Getting this error : JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier "Mutex"


I am recently getting this error in my web application which is deployed on XOJO cloud :

[quote]Trouble evaluating response: JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Mutex”
Source: Mutex cleaned, application could not launch. [/quote]

At my local it works fine. This error results in app crash. That functionality was working fine few week ago.
Any clues why it is happening and that to all of a sudden.?

Restart the server!

As John said, a restart should fix this time around. This page has more info. on that type of crash:$why-am-i-getting-a-mutex-error-when-trying-to-view-my-application

It is solved !!!
I restarted the server but that didn’t work, so i removed some unwanted files from cloud and it worked.
Thanks a lot for the help