Getting the name of the file you are running

If my project file is named “Something cool v1.23.90.xojo_binary_project”, is there some way to capture and use the name of that file while running – at least in Debug mode? I understand that once the app has been built it should have no dynamic way of determining this.


You might be able to do some App.ExecutableFile hackery to find the .xojo_project near the debug app but it can’t guarantee the file it finds is the one that’s running if you’ve got multiple .xojo_projects near it

Wait … the project file ?
Why would you need that ?

I’m assuming from the version stamp in the file name, a rudimentary version control system.

Honestly, this is why version control systems like Subversion and Git exist. If this is how you’re doing source code version control you’re doing yourself a disservice.