Getting tab name of a tabpanel

MACOS 10.12.6; XOJO 2017 r2.1

How can I do that? I checked the docs but didn’t see any property I could access. I can get the name of the tabpanel itself, but I can’t see how to get a particular tab’s name (that the user selected)

TIA, Tony

Tabs dont have names
They do have captions

If you wish to know what panel the user has selected, use the built-in properties of the tabpanel as detailed in the language referenece documents.

I created a tabpanel subclass that I use in all my apps where I set the name of each tab and refer to them by name instead of value/index. It makes the code independent of the order of the tabs. And a lot more readable. I do the same thing for listbox columns as well.

hi tim, i would love to know how you give it a name for the tab panel or a name for the listbox column.

It’s basically just a string array and a bunch of convenience methods that take a string instead of an index. Nothing magical, but it makes the code a lot cleaner. It allows you to reorder the columns without having to change column numbers all over your code.