Getting Selected Cell on Listbox at KeyUP event

I have the value of selected Cell in “CellClick event” doing this:

UUIDlist = ListaFacturas.Cell( row, 0 ), making Row variable and 0 for only get the value of the first column.

But Now, i need to get the same thing, but this time, at KeyUp event each time arrow down and arrow up keys are pressed.

Any suggestions?

For catch arrow keys I do this:

If Key = Chr(30) or Key = Chr(31) Then

Msgbox "Something"

End If

Considering you only want the row value anyway, did you check the documentation for ListBox?

Can’t you just use the Change event? If you need to check for arrow up and down keys, then do so in KeyUp and set a flag in a property somewhere. The Change event would then check the flag and act accordingly.

Thanks man, That is more useful that the other one that I planned.
Using Change Event and using the code that suggest in Xojo’s Documentation