Getting, saving, retrieving, play video

I am working a mac with el capitan and xojo 4.1, targeting a mac.

I am working on little program where the user will select a video to play in MoviePlayer on window (got that working). Then I want to save the location and name of the video to a public (in app) variable. Then on another window, based on some conditions, retrieve the location and name of the video then play that video (I can play the video if I retrieve it internally in the play routine as a folderitem).

The part I am missing is the storing of that info and the recall of that info. I have tried storing them in property variables and that seems to work, but then I have not figured out how recall and play the video. I have looked through the details on MoviePlayer and FolderItem and I tried a bunch of options, but so far no luck.

I would put a code snipet here except I am writing this on the ipad just before going to bed.

Any directional pointers to commands or proceedures would be greatly appreciated.