Getting path of login item

I am trying to extract name and path for each System login item. From the MBS Documentation I have found the code quoted below, which gives the name. But I have not been able to find out have to obtain the path.

l=new MyLSSharedFileListMBS(6)

if l.Handle=0 then
MsgBox “Failed to get list.”
dim a(-1) as LSSharedFileListItemMBS = l.Snapshot
dim lines(-1) as string

for each x as LSSharedFileListItemMBS in a
  lines.append x.DisplayName

MsgBox Join(lines, EndOfLine)

end if

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Maybe you read docs?
There are resolve methods.

Being fairly new to Xojo and MBS, your reply isn’t very helpful, - with all respect.


Sorry, but the LSSharedFileListItemMBS has functions to get informations and one of the function is to resolve the item.

So if you use the Resolve function on the LSSharedFileListItemMBS object, you get the folderitem.

Thank you very much, Chritian, - I shall try that.