Getting information about Exchange account with ACAccountStoreMBS

Since El Captain Mail doesn’t use the accounts.plist file anymore but the Accounts sqlite database as far as I can see. Which can be access with ACAccountStoreMBS. From the accounts.plist file I used to get information about Exchange accounts in Mail. More specifically the CachePolicy value to see if all mails are downloaded to the computer. For other account types I can get this information with AppleScript but not for Exchange.

Is this possible with ACAccountStoreMBS?

ACAccountStoreMBS is 64-bit only. Is your app 64bit?

and I don’t think the account class has details like cache policy.

@Christian: nope, no 64 bit yet. But I only have to exchange the DataGrid and then 64 bit should at least be possible to test.

Blech, then I’ll have a look at the SQLIte database in user/Library/Accounts. But Apple obfuscates everything so that the database is directly from wtf land.