Getting frequent "database disk image is malformed"

Ever since my customers started using my latest release of iClip for OS X (, I keep getting crash reports that indicate that their sqlite database file got corrupted, somehow. This never happened with previous versions of iClip.

Has anyone else ever run into this error message?

The major difference between the new and previous iClip versions is that used to be built with Xojo 2013r3.3, and now it’s built with 2016r1.1. Ergo, it uses a different sqlite DB library. I wonder if that newer sqlite lib may have a bug causing this.

My app uses only pretty basic DB stuff, i.e. SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE. Plus, it uses FTS4 now and used to use FTS3 before. No triggers or other advanced functionality (stored procedures, extensions) is used.

Unfortunately, when googling for this error message, I find only users suffering from it, but nothing that indicates what’s causing it.

a few quick googles and found

as for what causes it … dunno