Getting DynaPDF Bookmark Color


How do I translate the Bookmark color returned with GetBookMark to a Xojo color?
The DynaPDF docs say bookmarks only use RGB color, so I assumed the integer returned would be in in &hAARRGGBB format or &hRGB format …

But that does not seem to be the case… If assume that it is I certainly don’t get the color I assign in Acrobat for the bookmark… (setting TextStyle in Acrobat does work as expected) but acrobat gets it right.


  • Karen

It may be BBGGRR as color.

So bitwiseAnd(value, 255) gives red color.
bitwiseAnd(value\256, 255) gives green and bitwiseAnd(value\65536, 255) should give blue.

That worked… Thanks.

I should have realized it was an endian issue because Macs used to be the other way.

  • Karen