Getting drag destination

Doing a file drag from a listbox results in a nil destination. Known since 2014 (<>). Does anyone have an idea for a workaround?

Dragging multiple files from an NSTableview crashes hard. In 12.0 there was a macOS exception dialog. In 12.1 the app crashes hard. I could use a non-nil destination to just move the files to the desktop myself. But with an always nil destination I’m out of ideas what to do.

What’s wrong with the FB supplied example ?

Drag destination is always nil:

If theDragItem.Destination <> Nil Then
  'do something after the drag
End If

The code in the “if then” is never reached.

Sorry, I do not realized the break was not reached. In fact, I was asking me why he wrote that (forgetting the object of this conversation).

When I made a drag to Finder of a line, I get one file (an sqlite file that really holds the real contents).

Also, after sending my entry, I realized that I am not yet on Monterey.

I believe that may only work if you’re using file promises.

Yes, that’s what the question is about.

It looks like everything I knew about File Promises was deprecated 4 years ago :frowning:

Looking at the newer examples, I don’t see how it could work with Xojo’s current implementation.

So I’d suggest

  1. Asking Xojo to investigate this…
  2. Check with Christian to see if he’s got a newer example using the newer API.

I can certainly have a crack at it if all else fails.

Well, Christian asked Thomas Tempelmann to have a look. No comment on that. If I ask Xojo to investigate they will tell me that the problem is a plugin problem.

I’m going to talk to Thomas first. I can do a drag of one file. With a timer I should be able to find out when the file lands on the desktop and then write the other files.